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Why Is Tungsten Jewelry Hard and Scratch-Resistant?

Posted by V-xplore Technologies on

The popularity of tungsten is soaring like a rage. From the fashion folks to the casual dresser, everyone finds these pieces an attractive combination of simplicity and superiority. What brings the good fortune to the material is its hardness which is stronger than any other metals. Tungsten rings and bracelets have been winning the hearts of both men and women since their introduction to the fashion world. There are many curious souls that want to know what makes the material so strong and durable. It is indeed an interesting and amazing process to produce tungsten jewelry pieces from the raw material. Science is there but the craftsmanship occupies the major role.

Manufacturing process:

Hard and comfortable, tungsten jewelry pieces amazingly present the modern craftsmanship. The engineering process ensures that these pieces remain unaffected from the outer scratches and shine brighter always. The powder Tungsten is the base material for crafting these pieces. This powder along with other metal substances – nickel, titanium, chromium, and niobium – puts in an oxygen-free furnace. The mixture is then heated to 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit in die cast.

The high melting point of tungsten ensures that it does not melt and mix with other materials. This high temperature makes tungsten the product perfect for bonding with other materials. The nickel in the mixture works as a binder and enhances the bonding process. Though cobalt is the popularly known binding material used in the mechanical industry, the reputed jewelry names do not use cobalt as it proves to be harmful to skins. This alloy process makes the material even harder than the raw tungsten itself.

Making jewelry pieces from this hard material is even tougher job since this material are not easily bent or welded. Heavy machines and lathe work have been used to give the desired shape to this material and to carve aesthetic designs on the ornaments. The materials used in the alloy process play a great role to make tungsten jewelry hard and scratch-resistant.

Tungsten wedding set has become one of the popular jewelry items for the couples. The ring set of two offers a similarity designs and styles to the wearers. There are many advantages of picking the tungsten rings instead of the traditional ones. They are protected from the usual damages like scratching, scuffing, and bending. These couple rings symbolize the love you share with your partner.

Tungsten Jeweler is a renowned name offering beautifully designed tungsten jewelry to the fashion lovers. It offers cobalt-free tungsten that does not harm your skin. Every piece is aesthetically designed for the jewelry lovers.